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Multilingual, free of charge & good for the heart –

your App for healthy eating, more exercise and a smoke-free life!

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Module: Fitness

Module: Nutrition

Module: Becoming Smoke-Free

Motivational film

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For physicians and counseling centers: The prescription for a healthier lifestyle is here to download!







The tala-med Cardio app is a free app that helps people lead a healthier lifestyle in different languages.

Structured in 3 modules

After downloading the app, you can choose your language and select up to 3 modules: Nutrition, Fitness and Becoming Smoke-Free.

Nutrition module

When you click on „Nutrition“, you will be asked a few questions to calculate your calorie needs and set your goals. In your dashboard, click on the daily tip with the light bulb (top box) to get information and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). The nutrition overview with portions and glasses of water is based on the nutrition pyramid. It helps you to overview and individually adjust your personal eating behavior. If you have eaten food from the different food groups, you can click on them, and they will be colored. This way, you can see what and how much you have already eaten today.

The app is offered in different languages. By clicking on the second menu item below (knife and fork), you will find recipes for traditional dishes from these cultures.

In the third menu item below (Diagram) you get information about the nutrition pyramid and an overview of your eating behavior of the last weeks.

In the fourth menu item below (Book), you can make a personal entry in your diary.
With a click on the „house button“ you come back to your super dashboard.

Fitness module

By clicking on „Fitness“, you can start off by setting your personal goal and specifying how long you would like to exercise per day. As you enter a level, you are then offered a variety of fitness exercises from this level. On your dashboard, you will see a picture in the upper right corner. This is your personal trainer. Each language has a different trainer. When you click on your trainer, you will be presented with your previously entered goal. Your dashboard also contains a box with daily tips, which you can recognize by the light bulb icon. When you click on it, you will get tips for everyday exercise and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can also check off your planned activities on the dashboard if you have already done them. By clicking on the circle, you will be presented with a weekly overview of your completed activities.

By clicking on the second menu item at the bottom (panel), you can put together your personal weekly exercise plan by dragging and dropping. You should include the „workout“ 2–3 times a week.

The third menu item below (triangle) shows you the workout videos in your level, which you can follow.

In the fourth menu item below (book), you will get to your personal diary.

Becoming smoke-free module

By clicking on the “Smoke-free” module, we will show you a video explaining why smoking is bad for your health. Then we ask a few questions to motivate you and remind you of your goals. In the first menu item (dashboard) you can see your trainer and your personal goal again. Your dashboard also contains a green box with daily tips, which you can recognize by the flashing index finger icon. If you tap on it, you can watch the smoke-free video and get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Below you will be presented with the successes you have achieved so far, such as “money saved so far” etc. In addition, the positive effects of quitting smoking on your body functions that have already been achieved and are still to be achieved are shown to you based on your body. 

The garden in the second menu item below (plant) is based on your „smoke-free period“. As time passes, more plants are unlocked. If you water them regularly and collect your Talas by clicking on the plant, you can purchase more and more plants and create a colorful, blooming garden as a sign of your success. By clicking on the golden cup at the top left, you can see all your achievements at a glance. If you slip up, the time counter will be reset to zero. 

In the third menu item below (shopping cart) you can see which plants are already unlocked and how many talas they cost. 

In the fourth menu item, you will have the opportunity to access your diary once more.


And these are the supporting trainers for every language!

German: Lena

English: Anthony

Arabic: Mohamed

Ukrainian: Mariana

Turkish: Selen

Russian: Olena

Information Material

Press release

One for all: A free developed cardiovascular app 

The tala-med Cardio app is free of charge and available in six languages. The main topics covered are nutrition, movement and „becoming smoke-free“. Interactive games, a personal diary and individual plans support the achievement of the goals set.

Tala-med Cardio is the name of the new app developed at the University Medical Center of Freiburg that is intended to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is now available for free in the iOS and Android app stores in German, English, Turkish, Arabic, Ukrainian and Russian. It includes the modules  „Nutrition“, „Movement“ and „Becoming Smoke-free“. Together with the help of experts from various medical disciplines, relevant, evidence-based content was prepared in multimedia forms. With videos, simple games, individual daily and weekly plans, supplementary tips and information about the topic modules, users are supported in achieving their goals.

„Cardiovascular diseases are still among the most common causes of death in Germany,“ explains Prof. Dr. Andy Maun, Director of the Institute of General Practice at the University Medical Center Freiburg and tala-med project manager. „The app supports users with easy-to-understand information, tips and exercise videos that anyone can do at home,“ says Maun.

The project was funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts in Baden-Württemberg in the Competence Network for Preventive Medicine. 

The user’s data is only stored on the smartphone.

Flyers and posters available for order

We have created flyers and a poster for the tala-med Cardio App. The flyer is available in 4 different cover images, depending on the target group. On the flyer, the app and its goal are presented in 6 different languages.  

We have also created a poster specific for medical centers. The App is briefly explained, and QR Codes are available as well for the direct download of the App. It is laminated and available in size DIN A4. 

We are happy to provide you with flyers and a Poster on demand. Please feel free to write us with this regard to tala-med@uniklinik-freiburg.de. Your order will be subsequently sent a few days later per post.

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